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Department of Civil Engineering

Head of Department

Vision & Mission

:: Our Vision ::

To be a Premier Institute in the Region which develops Competent Engineers and Managers, capable of Leading Team with Social, Ethical and Environmental values

:: Our Mission ::
  • Imparting Quality Education through best Academic Practices
  • Enabling the students to develop Practical Skills through Laboratory Experimentation and Technical, Managerial, Research and Innovative Projects

Department Of Civil Engineering

Year Of Esbilishment :2011
Sanctioned Intake 2017-18: 60
The department of civil engineering strives to graduate highly qualified engineers, nationally recognized research and provide quality professional and community service to the region and nation.
Department generates a specialized cadre of Civil Engineers by imparting training through the state of art laboratories and competent faculty.

Events & Activities

BE Civil 2016-17 Batch
Industrial Visit
Industrial Visit
Industrial Visit
Industrial Visit
Industrial Visit


All the students are informed to attend the lectures regularly from 15/01/2018.

Laboratories Details

Name of Lab
Lab - 01
Strength of Material Lab
Lab - 02
Fluid Mechanics Lab
Lab - 03
Environmental Engineering
Lab - 04
Surveying Lab
Lab - 05
Engineering Mechanics Lab
Lab - 06
Concrete Technology Lab

Faculty Details Civil Engineering Department

Sr.No. Name of Faculty Designation Qualification Experience
Prof. K. S. Reddy
Full Name Prof. K. Srinivasa Reddy
Qualification: ME
Experience: 17 years
Mail Id:
Mobile No: 9921912399
Subject Taught: BPD,CM
H.O.D & Asst. Professor M.Tech(CM), BE 20 years
Prof. V. R. Kulkarni
Full Name Prof. Vikas R Kulkarni
Qualification: ME
Experience: 10
Mail Id:
Mobile No: 7588649281
Subject Taught: ECE,GTE
Asst. Professor M.E.(Geotech) 10 Years
Prof. S. D. Shinde
Full Name Prof. Sudhir Dinkarrao Shinde
Qualification: M.E (Structure)
Experience: 3 years
Mail Id:
Mobile No: 7588080885
Subject Taught: TOS, EE-I,SOM
Asst. Professor M.E.(Structure) 3 Years
Prof. K. T. Kharjule
Full Name Prof. Krishna T Kharjule
Qualification: ME
Experience: 4 years
Mail Id:
Mobile No: 7798089233
Subject Taught: DOS, SM,Sur-I & II
Asst. Professor M.E.(Structure) 4 Years
Prof. H. S. Maheshwari
Full Name Prof. Harshal S. Maheshwari
Qualification: ME
Experience: 1 year
Mail Id:
Mobile No: 9421191958
Subject Taught: DOS-I & II, WRE-II
Asst. Professor M.E. 1 Year
Prof. Ms. S. P. Pawar
Full Name Prof. Ms. Sonali P. Pawar
Qualification: ME
Experience: 3 years
Mail Id:
Mobile No: 8983287730
Subject Taught: CM,TRE-I & II,WRE-II
Asst. Professor M.E. 3 Years
Prof. A. S. Mehra
Full Name Prof. Ashish S. Mehra
Qualification: BE
Experience: 1 year
Mail Id:
Mobile No: 9860621003
Subject Taught: EG,BCD,CT
Asst. Professor M.E. 1 Year
Prof. A. R. Chavan
Full Name Prof. Ashish R. Chavan
Qualification: ME
Experience: 2 years
Mail Id:
Mobile No: 9595389873
Subject Taught:PP,TRE-I
Asst. Professor M.E. 2 Years
Prof.V. R. Bhakad
Full Name Prof. Vishnu R. Bhakad
Qualification: BE
Experience: 2 years
Mobile No: 9637889710
Subject Taught: WRE-I,TRE-II
Asst. Professor M.E. 2 Years
Prof. N. B. Gaikwad
Full Name Prof. Nikhil B. Gaikwad
Experience: 2 years
Mobile No: 9764009111
Subject Taught: Comm. Skill
Asst. Professor Phd* 2 Years